Friday, January 30, 2015
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Welcome to St. Anthony's Guild

St. Anthony's Guild is a non-profit corporation under the laws of the State of New York, is a religious association guided by the Franciscan friars. Its mission is to promote the spiritual well-being of its members, living and deceased, to aid the education of young men in their vocation to the Franciscan Order, and to serve God by helping the Franciscans in every field of apostolic work.
Promote the spiritual well being of the members, living and deceased. Besides what is offered specifically for their intentions, the members also share in the Masses, prayers and good works of the Franciscan friars.
Educate new friars. For more than 85 years, Guild members have helped educate generations of friars through their generosity.

Serve God in the love exemplified by St. Francis of Assisi. There is significance in the Guild's choice of its Patron. St. Anthony of Padua was one of the most enthusiastic and deeply motivated of St. Francis's contemporaries. Appointed by St. Francis as the first teacher of theology in the Order, St. Anthony spread and helped live the message of love for God and all his creatures. The Franciscans, today, with the help of St. Anthony's Guild, work among the poor, alienated and homeless, helping in parishes, urban service churches, schools and serving as chaplains in hospitals and other ministries.

We strive to be instruments of peace to all people. The horizons are ever widening, the needs throughout the world ever pressing and the lesson of God's love must be lived in every corner of the earth. How great is our opportunity. Together, friars and Guild members are committed to this mission, confident in the guiding spirit of St. Anthony and St. Francis.
We invite you to join us as a member of St. Anthony's Guild so that together we may continue to show others that love at work® makes a difference.
In the Anthonian we read stories  about the magnificent work being done by the Franciscan Friars and people like you who are our partners in this work because of your prayers and financial support. So you are part of our Franciscan Family!
The Anthonian, certainly demonstrates our devotion to St. Anthony, but the name doesn’t actually tell our whole story. Our family of origin is Franciscan, and our founder is St. Francis. I feel our name should also signify who our family is and what we are about. We need to add to our magazine’s name to tell our full story.
St. Anthony is obviously also a part of our Franciscan Family and brotherhood, as are all of the Friars living and working throughout the world.
Therefore, my Franciscan Family members, let’s tell the whole story!
On the cover of this issue, you will now see that we have added our “last name” to the title “Anthonian,” so that you will now see the subtitle “Franciscan” added to the name “Anthonian.” We have added our family name.


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