Monday, May 30, 2016
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Prayer for those who have cancer and their loved ones

L. Dear Jesus, Divine Physician, Healer of the Sick.


A. We call upon you and ask your help for our loved ones

who are suffering from cancer.

We entrust them to your loving care.

They are your children and they are in pain.

Give them the ability to know in their hearts

that you are with them in this difficult time.


Give them strength and healing.

Comfort them in their fears,

soothe their anxiety,

and let them rest securely in your arms.


Help those who care for them.

Give insight to researchers that they may discover cures.

Give patience and energy to doctors and nurses so that

they will care for them with grace and love.


For us, their families, their friends and their community,

we need your courage and strength,

to be with them and help them bear their burdens.

Give us joy, peace and confidence in you

so that like Mary, your mother,

we may stand with them in faith and trust,

witnessing to your healing love.

For you are blessed, for ever and ever. Amen.



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